Meet Your Candidates: David Rogers, Alberta Independence Party

Rogers one of eight candidates running in Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre

Photo submitted

Photo submitted

David Rogers is running with the Alberta Independence Party (AIP) in the Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre constituency.

Rogers says he and his party are geared towards 100 per cent accountability, honesty and transparency while being for the people, by the people.

Rogers says he will look at leaving the Bighorn Country as it is.

“I don’t think anything needs to be changed out there,” said Rogers. “I think it’s just silly, leave it as it is. If we need to [we can] hire more conservation officers for the long weekends.”

He also said another aspect he would look at are gun laws.

“If you’re in the rural area, a rifle out in a rural area is a lot like a shovel to a farmer, there should be a different set of rules,” Rogers said.

Rogers explained the whole basis of the AIP is to listen to the people.

“That’s what I love about the Alberta Independence Party, they’re going to listen to the people,” explained Rogers. “The people will have a voice again and that is my main ‘I love you guys’ idea right there.”

Rogers is a single dad and oil field worker who says he has “lost faith” in the country, province and government, and “it’s getting out of control.”

He said this feeling is what motivated him to run for office.

“Silly policies, wasted money and for what?” said Rogers. “We’re not getting anything back… we work hard, we deserve some kind of compensation for what we’re doing besides taxes.”

Adding he wants to see “a better future for us as the people of Alberta… That’s what this is all about.”

Additionally, he wants to keep money in the area and says Alberta can do better as a province if it were to leave confederacy.

Rogers says it would result in no GST, carbon tax or federal taxes, adding the party wants to pay for four years of education for first-time post-secondary applicants.

He said if Alberta left confederacy everything from health care, to taxes, to laws would need to be looked at and decided on by the people.

“The biggest thing I could say about our party is we would bring the power back to the people, where it belongs,” Rogers said.