Millet association raising funds for all-terrain fire vehicle

Millet association raising funds for all-terrain fire vehicle

Millet Veteran Firefighters Association estimates $35,000 cost

The destructive structure fire on Millet’s west end Sunday, May 6 was the talk of the community for many days. Now, the talk has shifted to the future, and a much-needed resource for fighting similar fires.

The Millet Veteran Firefighters Association has begun a fundraising campaign for a firefighting vehicle that can deal with untamed or wild terrain.

“The Millet Veteran Firefighters Association are requesting assistance in the purchase of specialized wild land firefighting and rescue equipment for the Millet Volunteer Fire Department,” noted a press release from Al Kilborn, association chair.

“The equipment we are currently raising funds for is an all-terrain vehicle complete with a fire pump and tank used for wild land fires and inaccessible terrain.

“This type of unit would be invaluable in helping to protect the parkland and wild land that surrounds the Town of Millet. This vehicle would also be invaluable in rural fire applications.”

Kilborn stated the estimated cost of the unit is $35,000 and the Veteran Firefighters hope to complete the project by 2019.

He also noted “The Millet Veteran Firefighters Association was formed in 1998 to help provide necessary equipment, training and resources to the Millet Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and to work in partnership with other, similar organizations in helping to better our fire department.” Previous campaigns by the Veteran Firefighters included the first and second set of Lucas extrication tools, all new UHF handheld radios, a thermal imaging camera for pump #2, a new analog/digital radio for pump #1, thermal imaging cameras for pump #3, a new digital base radio receiver/transmitter and an analog/digital radio repeater for rescue one.

Many other communities have such firefighting vehicles, sometimes called “bush buggies,” some of which are pick-ups or SUVs, while others are side-by-side ATVs; all have the ability to move across rough land.

Donations may be sent to the Millet Veteran Firefighters Association c/o Joe Anderson, Box 22, Millet AB T0C 1Z0.