Millet community clean-up Apr. 26

Millet community clean-up Apr. 26

Little People Indoor Play group cleaning around community hall

The Millet community clean-up was held Thursday, April 26 for Pitch in Week, April 22-29.

Thanks go out to the group that cleaned Main Street on both sides as well as Sec. Hwy. #616 to the Millet Post Office, 46th and 47th Avenues as well.

There was Marlene Alberts cleaning up cigarette butts at the Agriplex and she indicated it was better than last year but still over 100. Thanks to those smokers that are using the ashtray provided. Stan Kroening had his truck full of all the garbage bags. Darlene Kenyon, Candy Dixon, Shiela Klucney and Judy Harper were out cleaning up as well.

Special shout out and thank you to Fas Gas for coming over and supplying the hard workers all slushies, as it was warm out.

The Little People Indoor Play group was cleaning around the community hall on Friday.

The Griffiths Scott School will be cleaning the playground and splash park next week.

The Millet Museum staff Taylor McCool, Tori Flint and Ashly Murphy cleaned up the area around the museum and north to end of the street on Friday.

Submitted by Millet and District Museum