Millet council will work with Vicinia on ICF, MDP plans

Millet town council will develop mandatory cooperative plans with adjacent municipalities after reading a staff recommendation...

Town of Millet

Town of Millet

Millet town council will develop mandatory cooperative plans with adjacent municipalities after reading a staff recommendation at their Apr. 12 council meeting.

Council, with the exceptions of absent councilors Eleanor Pydde and Vicki Pyle, read a report from Millet CAO Teri Pelletier describing the intermunicipal collaborative framework plans and the intermunicipal development plan, both documents that will soon be mandatory after changes are made to the provincial government’s Municipal Government Act.

The changes to the MGA have the stated goal of increasing cooperation between adjacent municipalities with the aim to increase efficiency, reduce duplication and other goals. Every municipality under Alberta jurisdiction is developing them, and a separate one must be developed for each neighbouring municipality.

In her report Pelletier noted the town received a grant from the Alberta Community Partnership to pay for these agreements to be completed this year.

It just so happens the company that is doing the County of Wetaskiwin’s agreements, Vicinia Planning, sent a proposal to the Town of Millet to handle the town’s agreements too.

“The company has the experience and the expertise to complete the projects,” stated Pelletier’s report, noting Vicinia was asking $30,450 for both Millet’s ICF and IDP plans. Pelletier recommended accepting Vicinia’s proposal.

Councilor Carol Sadoroszney asked if Pelletier knew anything about this company. Pelletier stated Vicinia has extensive experience working with municipalities.

The quoted price, she noted, is a combined rate because Vicinia is working with the County of Wetaskiwin as well.

Mayor Tony Wadsworth stated he felt that over $30,000 is a lot of money and that there needed to be a good reason to ward the work to Vicinia without tendering it.

Pelletier said $30,450 for both plans is a very reasonable price, and she was actually surprised at how low it was.

Pelletier also stated timelines are a factor too, as the plans need to be done this year, ideally before the municipal election next fall. “We’re going to be tight as it is,” she said.

The mayor responded he always prefers a tender process, but understood this is a special situation.

Councilors unanimously approved the recommendation to contract Vicinia Planning to help the town develop the ICF and an IDP.