Millet fire chief: ‘car fire’ was actually just lots of exhaust

Millet fire chief: ‘car fire’ was actually just lots of exhaust

Fire chief Steve Moen gives report to town council Apr. 11

The Millet Fire Rescue department saw a bit of a drop in false alarm calls recently, heard Millet Town Council at their regular meeting Apr. 11.

Millet fire chief Steve Moen appeared before council to submit the regular report of his department.

Mayor Tony Wadsworth said it’s nice to keep in regular contact with the department. He asked Moen how things are going over at the fire hall.

Moen said he can’t complain. “I think it’s going good,” said the fire chief.

The fire chief noted call volumes recently have been a bit lower, but the fire department sees such things occur regularly. Calls volumes will be low, then suddenly go crazy.

Moen said new members of the Millet department are working out well and are currently in training. There are three new members for a department total of 27.

The mayor asked if the Millet department is happy with this number. Moen said this is about maximum number for Millet, as the facilities in place can accommodate 27 members of the department and they have enough equipment for 27 members. If the number goes over 27, more equipment will be needed and the price tag is about $3,000 per person.

Looking at Moen’s report, Wadsworth noted there was only one alarm call for February and March. Moen said it was a smoke alarm that went off as a result of a battery change.

He noted there was also a call regarding what someone thought was a car on fire. It turned out the car was just idling and a lot of exhaust was coming out of it.

The fire chief noted the department responds to all alarms, even false ones as they have to make sure there’s no threat. Firefighters also speak to residents about how to prevent false alarms in the future.

Councilors accepted the report for information.