Millet Memorial Rose Garden adjusts rates

Millet Memorial Rose Garden adjusts rates

Committee notes that flower costs increase but fees never have

The Town of Millet has approved new rates for the Memorial Rose Garden after a municipal committee said costs to maintain the garden are increasing. Councilors handled the issue at their Apr. 25 regular meeting.

A letter from Millet in Bloom Committee chair Carol Sadoroszney noted no fee increases have ever been placed on the rose garden.

“The costs to purchase, maintain and replace roses has risen,” stated Sadoroszney in her letter.

“This also includes adding names and maintaining the memorial sign. The price has remained the same since the garden was initiated.”

Sadoroszney noted in her letter that the Millet in Bloom Committee recommended a new price of $75 and asked council to ratify it and add it to the rose garden policy.

The Millet Memorial Rose Garden is located on Hwy. #2A and has a large sign that lists the names of the loved ones who purchased the plant or plants and the name of the person in memory. The garden is maintained by the Millet in Bloom Committee.

The policy notes the birdbath in the garden is maintained by the volunteer who placed it there; if that’s not feasible, the birdbath will be removed.

Councilors unanimously approved the new $75 fee.