Jeff Ible, NDP candidate

Jeff Ible, NDP candidate

NDP candidates wants to fight for voice of Albertans

Oble has served as a workers advocate

NDP candidate Jeff Ible said Alberta, under the NDPs’ rule, will see a balanced budget by 2013.

He said when the pary took over the leadership, they had a great deal of work to do, as the economy was deeply managed.

Ible said, if elected on April 16, they will finish the job of balancing the books and put everyday people first without cutting services and jobs.

He said Premier Rachel Notley is working hard to put the pipelines through and noted that it is in everyone’s best interest to get the job done.

Ible, who has a background in supporting the rights of the working class, wants to keep fighting for hardworking Albertans.

Since 2014, Oble has served as a workers advocate with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401. As a representative of over one thousand hardworking retail food industry workers, he is passionate about ensuring their employment and collective bargaining rights are upheld.

Before serving as a workers advocate, he was employed with Real Canadian Superstore in Edmonton and as a union shop steward for many years.

Jeff wants to ensure that Albertans have a voice and are treated fairly with the dignity and respect that everyone deserves. He is running as MLA to be able to continue fight that the voice of Albertans be heard in the legislature.

An avid outdoors person, Jeff , who lives in Calgary, loves to spend his summers hiking and fishing in beautiful West-Central Alberta.