New intersection coming for Hwy. #2A near grain terminal

New intersection coming for Hwy. #2A near grain terminal

G3 Canada will begin new intersection in 2020

County of Wetaskiwin councilors heard a brief update about the much-anticipated G3 Canada grain terminal located on Hwy. #2A, during their Planning and Development council meeting Feb. 6.

Assistant CAO Jeff Chipley responded to councilors who asked if any further information had been received from the large agriculture company and their development.

Chipley responded the latest update is that the County of Wetaskiwin has approved the grain terminal’s interim operations until the end of June. Some conditions have been applied to the approval, including haul routes.

Chipley stated the county has been working G3 on a few things such as a stop sign knocked down; he noted G3 will be handling those issues.

The intersection of Hwy. #2A and Range Road #460, the main access to the terminal, remains to be rebuilt. Chipley noted G3 is currently working with the provincial government on a new design for the intersection which should be in place by the start of the 2020 construction season.

He also noted that the county is working with G3 to send out notices to landowners near the terminal with updates on things like operations and roads.

Chipley noted that the development permit includes a requirement to upgrade the section of Range Road #460 to the terminal’s approach.

Councilors accepted the report for information.