New Sarepta students host political forum Apr. 10

New Sarepta students host political forum Apr. 10

Political Forum hosted by NSCHS Students

For the past 20 years, students at New Sarepta Composite High School have hosted political forums for their community at every municipal, provincial and federal election. The students at New Sarepta Community High School recently hosted a Provincial Political Forum for the Mascwacis-Wetaskiwin riding on April 10 at 7 p.m. in the high school gym. There was a record turn out with 150 potential voters in attendance. Grade 11 student Andreas Thome hosted the event.

Wesley Rae from the Alberta Advantage Party spoke of lowering taxes, revising the education curriculum and restructuring the province’s energy sector.

Bruce Hinkley, from the NDP, spoke of expanding childcare across the province, moving crude oil by rail, protecting GSA member’s privacy, full drug coverage for low and middle income seniors and support for education funding.

David White from the Freedom Conservative Party reiterated his parties support for ‘equality or independence’, and his vision for a libertarian Alberta with control over our own tax system, police and emergency services and the complete end of equalization.

Desmond Bull, from the Green Party spoke of climate change as the most urgent issue in the world, and supported education as a human right for all citizens.

Rick Wilson from the UCP shared his support of GSA’s in school and protection for vulnerable youth, reducing debt, scrapping the carbon tax and getting Albertan’s back to work.

Sherry Greene from the Alberta Party emphasized that her party is a centrist party that balances free enterprise with support for a more efficient education and health care system in our province.

After opening comments, candidates answered a common question about educational issues in Alberta. Then written questions were taken from the audience by student runners with topics that ranged from education, gay rights, job creation and scandals in politics.

After the question period, students hosted a lovely lunch where candidates were able to answer any further questions that individuals might have. It was a very successful event with all candidates and many members of the audience expressing their sincere thanks to the students for putting on such a fine forum. With a record turnout, many people of our community were (will be) certainly more informed voters on April 16th.

Photos submitted by Will Munsey

-Submitted by Kirsten Newman


New Sarepta students host political forum Apr. 10