UPDATED Pipestone Family Cafe grand opening Oct. 25

UPDATED Pipestone Family Cafe grand opening Oct. 25

UPDATED Road directions…Special buffet events coming up, Trading Post for rent

Directions: The Pipestone Cafe is located at the intersection of Sec. Hwy. #795 and Twp Rd #472a. You’ll find this intersection by heading west from Millet on Sec. Hwy. #616 and turning south when you get to the #795 t-intersection. From Wetaskiwin, head west on Hwy. #13 and turn north when you arrive at the Sec. Hwy. #795 intersection.

The Pipestone Merchantile was originally built back in 1936.

We are going a long ways back…back when the Sears and Roebuck’s catalogue was multi-purpose.

Families and communities were knit close together through hard work and tough times.

Just up the road a ways on the old homestead, Grandpa used to milk the cows and Grandma would separate the cream. Once a week Grandpa would harness up the team and load the stone boat with the jugs of rich, thick cream. He would head out before sunrise on the long, tedious trip into Calmar where he would sell his cream to the milk factory.

Those were the good ol’ days when a neighbour would just drop in for a visit. Even if the cupboards were empty, there was always enough to share so folks never left hungry. They left with full bellies and thankful hearts.

A memory we want to share with you is that of being a hungry grandson. I regularly would show up unannounced at Grandpa and Grandma’s, letting the blue faded screen door swing shut behind me with a “bang,” Grandpa would look up from his paper and say, “Grandma, we got a hungry boy here, what do we have to feed him?”

Grandma would fix up a special snack and the warmth of love and family would fill the room.

Welcome to Pipestone Family Cafe.

We open for business Oct. 22 and invite the community to our grand opening Oct. 25.

We have special events coming up including Fancy Fridays, Saturday Morning Buffet and Tuesday Family Buffet Supper. The Trading Post is available for events and catering.

-Submitted by Pipestone Family Cafe