Rare Alpaca twins born in Leduc County

Alpaca twins are rather rare, even in Leduc County.

VERY CUTE - Mama and her two “crias”

VERY CUTE - Mama and her two “crias”

Calving is always an exciting time on a farm. And when your stock of choice is a curly, fascinating and fun animal, babies are bound to be… adorable. At Sunny Hill Alpacas near Rollyview in Leduc County, calving took an exciting turn when on Friday June 5, rare twin girls were born: these little white “crias” are small but healthy.

In 17 years of alpaca farming, Kevin and Leanne Sept have acquired, raised and sold alpacas with impressive success: their herd is now at 102 heads plus a few newborns. And yet, this is the first

time one of their females has given birth to twins.

In the past 20 years among Canadian alpaca farms, only a handful of twin alpaca babies have survived, making this a rare event in Leduc County.  So far, so good at Sunny Hill. The crias are active, their growth is monitored daily, mama is well and proud to show them off to the herd, and the Septs and their extended family are overjoyed. Best wishes for the good health of all three, and other young ones born at Sunny Hill Alpacas this summer.