RCMP remind adults no smoking around kids in vehicles

RCMP remind adults no smoking around kids in vehicles

Smoking in vehicles with minors present against the rules

Times have certainly changed when it comes to tobacco use around children. RCMP this week are reminding the public it’s technically against the rules to smoke in a vehicle with children, even friends of differing ages in the same vehicle.

According to Leduc RCMP spokesperson Cst. Bridget Morla, “Second hand smoke is harmful for everyone, but the effects can have a greater effect on developing bodies.

“It is for this reason that the Alberta Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act prohibits smoking in a vehicle where a minor is present. This sections can apply to parents driving with their children, or even a group of friends of varying ages travelling together including minors smoking with other minors.

“Please think twice before lighting up with minors present. The fine for a violation is $287 but the negative health effects are far greater.”