Remember ‘The Gap’ at Gwynne truck fill

Remember ‘The Gap’ at Gwynne truck fill

Bulk water station needs air gap to ensure cleanliness

Some new procedures at the County of Wetaskiwin’s Gwynne truck fill water station may be a bit different than in the past, but are easy to remember and ensure clean water for everyone.

The water station, located immediately adjacent Gwynne School, has two outlets, a short outlet for taller vehicles and a longer outlet for shorter vehicles.

More important, County of Wetaskiwin staff are asking users to remember the “air gap” system. At a recent council meeting, councilors discussed a problem that’s been observed at the Gwynne truck fill. Users are lowering the outlet hoses right into their tanks, and some of the tanks contained a contaminant which could range from herbicides, pesticides or manure.

Once this happens, any subsequent users of the potable water could have their tanks contaminated.

Staff are simply asking users to keep the outlet nozzles out of their tanks; there are photographs posted right at the station if there is any confusion.

The potable water station is usable by anyone who pays for an access card available from the county administration office.

More information is available on the County of Wetaskiwin website,