Road allowance closure passes first reading

Road allowance closure passes first reading

County of Wetaskiwin sends application to province

The County of Wetaskiwin council gave initial approval to an application to close and lease an undeveloped road allowance during their Public Works council meeting May 14.

The application was presented by Director of Public Works Neil Powell and County CAO Rod Hawken.

“On September 11th, 2018 a request was received from Klaus Wilmes for Council’s consideration to close and lease a portion of undeveloped road allowance between his land described as SW14 & SE 15-45-7-W5M located in Division 7 for agricultural purposes (RGE RD 72, north from TWP RD 452),” stated the agenda memo.

“At the October 4, 2018 Council General Council directed that Administration proceed with the request from Klaus Wilmes to close and lease undeveloped road allowance (RGE RD 72 south of TWP RD 454) between SW 14 & SE 15-45-7-W5M.”

The applicant stated the land in question, in the Alder Flats area, will be farmed. The road allowance is in between two parcels of land owned by the applicant.

Reeve Terry Van de Kraats opened the public hearing. Hawken noted before a road allowance can be leased, it must be closed then provincial approval granted.

Hawken noted neighbours were notified of the application, and it was publicly advertised. Hawken stated the county received no feedback on this application and also stated the applicant bears all financial costs of the application.

There were no members of the public in attendance, so Van de Kraats closed the public hearing.

Councilors approved first reading of the bylaw to close the road allowance. The bylaw must now be sent to the provincial government for approval, and will return to a future council meeting.