Snowmobiles, quads and unharvested crops

Snowmobiles, quads and unharvested crops

A reminder for snowmobile and quad users about the dangers of riding on unharvested crops

“Because of poor conditions this year, there are still unharvested crops in fields in many parts of the province,” says Neil Blue, provincial crop market analyst with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “It’s important that quad and snowmobile operators stay clear of these.”

He says that riding across unharvested fields is not a good idea for at least two reasons.

“Doing so can damage the crop that may yet be harvested. Also, an unharvested crop can pose a significant barrier to quads and snowmobiles and trying cross such a crop can result in damage to both machine and rider.”

He adds that it is important to always ask permission before entering upon or riding across lands under producer control, whether owned or rented.

“Not only is it a significant safety issue, it’s also a question of respect. You should always ask permission or else stick to riding on designated snowmobile or quad trails.”

-Alberta Agri-news