STAR Catholic Schools maintains safe schools as a high priority

STAR Catholic Schools maintains safe schools as a high priority

Code of Conduct, Safe and Caring Schools address school community behaviour

Schools are playing a more critical role in bullying prevention practices now more than ever; and St. Thomas Aquinas Roman (STAR) Catholic Schools employs a number of divisional procedures to help achieve a safe and caring environment in its schools.

One of the division’s main tools in educating students to act with virtuous conduct as a goal is the Safe and Caring Schools policy.

In STAR schools, proper behavior and treatment of other people, rather than being taught through individual programs is a concept incorporated into the curriculum at every grade level.

The policy goes beyond addressing only the behaviour and safety of students, stating “Each student has the right to learn, and each employee or volunteer has the right to work, in a safe and caring environment where there is an absence of degrading or threatening behaviour. Our organization will promote responsibility, respect and civility and any form of bullying or harassment will not to be tolerated.”

STAR Catholic Schools administrative procedure Student Code of Conduct details the divisions’ numerous procedures established to maintain a welcoming, respectful, and safe learning environment for all students and school staff.

A portion of the Code of Conduct states student will respect the rights of others and will be accountable and responsible for their behaviour: at a school sponsored event, on school property, and travelling to and from school.

The Code of Conduct also addresses student behaviour while using electronic communications and, “Beyond the hours of school operation, and school building, if the behaviour or conduct detrimentally affects the welfare of individual students or the governance, climate, or efficiency of the schools. Students shall be concerned about the safety of themselves and others.”