The health benefits of golf

The sport of golf has been around, in one form or another, since the 1700’s, but some who enjoy it may not...

The Pipestone Links

The Pipestone Links

The sport of golf has been around, in one form or another, since the 1700’s, but some who enjoy it may not know that it’s actually good for you too.

The joy of getting out onto the golf course in spring, smelling that fresh air, hearing those birds sing, listening to that pleasing “thwack” sound of a properly driven golf ball are all great reasons to golf.

But did you know that golf has plenty of practical reasons to get involved in the ancient sport? Golf is good for you.

Low impact: Golf, if it’s played correctly, is a low impact sport with little risk of injury. Most golf courses have extensive cart and hiking trails around them that allow golfers of any age to walk the entire course if they wish without touching any rough ground. If you’re twisting your back while you swing, that’s not a part of golf so you need to find a better pro to take lessons from.

Brain power: Golf is a strategy game, and gives players plenty of opportunity to use their brains to solve problems such as driving, irons, short game, approaches and ball placement on the green. Plenty of studies have shown that brain exercise encourage strong mental abilities and discourage diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Cardio: Golf, especially if you ditch the power cart and walk the course, can be a great cardio workout. Studies have shown that golf gives your heart a great workout if you walk the course, addressing the risk of heart disease, and also helps in weight loss.

Socialization: Studies have shown that, with the increasing prevalence of technology in our lives, many people are not getting socialization in their personal lives. Socialization has been proven to release endorphins, giving golfers a happy, satisfied feeling from their interactions with others. And who knows, you might make a new friend or two.

Vitamin D: One benefit that often gets overlooked, especially in this era of computers, internet TV and cell phones, when discussing golf is the fact it’s an outdoor sport and gives participants a chance to soak up some vitamin D from our old friend the Sun. This vitamin helps a golfer’s heart, their skeletal health and also helps deal with excessive anxiety.

Improved sleep: Another overlooked benefit of an outdoor sport like golf is improved sleep, especially in an age when many people complain that they cannot sleep or have trouble staying asleep. The fresh air, cardio, walking and mental work all deplete energy levels and prepare the golfer for a restful evening.

So what’s next? Take a look at some of the great golf courses, clubs and resorts in our Par for the Course section, call and make your reservation and hit the links.