Town of Millet council changes snow removal policy

Town of Millet council changes snow removal policy

Councillors approve JEDI 2018 budget

Amendments to the Town of Millet’s Snow and Ice has added another level of service being provided to residents and business owners of the town.

During town council’s Feb. 14 meeting councillors approved the changes to the policy.

“It’s basically stating if we get a light snowfall, if we’re below that five-centimeter range, our equipment will go out and plow the street,” said CAO Teri Pelletier.

Pelletier explained in situations covered by the new changes — between two and five centimeters — main collector roads such as 52 Street, 53 Street, and Diamond Drive.

As is being down now, heavier snowfall will warrant total snow removal services, says Pelletier.

JEDI Budget

During its meeting council also approved the 2018 Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) budget.

As the City of Wetaskiwin is now longer a member of JEDI, leaving just the Town of Millet and County of Wetaskiwin as participating members, both communities’ contributions have increased from last year to make up the difference.

The Town of Millet’s 2018 contribution is set at $42,221 (14.8 per cent), up from 8.2 per cent in 2017. The County of Wetaskiwin’s contribution for this year is $243,057 (85.2 per cent), double what is was in 2017.

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JEDI director Joan Miller informed councillors $18,000 has been transferred from reserves to help pay the legal fees that arose; changes to JEDI bylaws and policies are needed now that the City of Wetaskiwin is no longer involved.

JEDI opted to use reserves to pay the legal fees rather than have to two remaining community members cover the costs.

Miller added the JEDI moved has also decided to reduce board member meeting per diems from $150 per meeting to $100, as it was felt the meeting lengths do not warrant the larger payment.