Triple wedding 50 years ago has Mulhurst Bay connection

Triple wedding 50 years ago has Mulhurst Bay connection

Three sisters held wedding together five decades ago

Submitted by Eileen MacDonald, Mulhurst Bay

50 years ago, 3 sisters from Vermilion Bay, Ontario were married in a triple wedding which took place in Dryden, Ont.

All were engaged in 1967 with intentions of marrying the next year, 1968. Rather than putting our parents through three separate weddings in the same year we decided to get married on the same day; April 6, 1968. We were always close at heart and had no trouble convincing our future husbands of this.

It was quite the wedding. It took place in the United Church, Dryden, Ont. Many family and guests and of course they all came to see this triple wedding. Before we left on our “individual” honeymoons and moved to our new homes (one to Toronto, one to Ear Falls, Ontario and one to Fort Assiniboine, AB) we decided that in 25 years we would go on a cruise to celebrate, providing we were still alive and together! Well that did happen and we had an awesome cruise and were spoiled by the captain and staff on Holland America.

Fast-forward another 25 years to 2018. Well, our locations have changed as we are all retired and two now live in Mulhurst Bay, AB and one in Beamsville, ON.

However, we are all blessed to be alive and well and will now celebrate 50 years of married life on April 6th, 2018, something we did not expect 50 years ago! We got together and had a celebration with friends and family at the Mulhurst Legion in Mulhurst Bay, AB on Saturday, April 7th.