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Update on Rose Country Inn Clean-Up

Debris from Rose Country Inn Fire

Mobilization of the Rose Country Inn site will begin on March 3. Demolition is expected to take approximately 2 weeks. During demolition, a 30-metre buffer zone is required for hazmat monitoring, so the City will likely be closing the adjacent roadways during this process. More information on this will be posted shortly.

If you have health concerns related to the confirmed asbestos at the site, please read the following information:

  • The site is outside, which offers solution by dilution. The concentration of asbestos that the general public was exposed to due to the outdoor location (and short time frame of potential exposure) is very low.
  • Water weighs down the asbestos fibres, preventing them from spreading in the air and potentially being inhaled by the general public. Wetaskiwin Fire Services did a fantastic job of fire suppression throughout and following the fire, which weighed down any lingering fibres. The wet summer we had also assisted in this.
  • The fencing around the debris prevents people from disturbing the contents, which could cause asbestos particles to be released into the air. The hired contractor is required to clean up the site in a way that will not compromise the public’s health.

Taking the above information into account, very little concern exists for the public’s health. However, our local Public Health Inspector (Gordon Watt) is aware of the community’s concerns related to the asbestos on-site and is happy to speak further with anyone who would like more information. He can be reached at 780.312.7942.

-Submitted by the City of Wetaskwin