Wetaskiwin city council agrees on additional 3.25 residential tax increase

Wetaskiwin city council agrees on additional 3.25 residential tax increase

Wetaskiwin city council sets 2019 municipal tax framework

Wetaskiwin City Council approved the 2019 Tax Rate Bylaw—which sets the property tax rates for 2019—at their regular May 13th Council meeting.

The new tax rates set by City Council results in a net impact of an additional 3.25 percent for residential properties and 4.90 percent for non-residential properties. While both residential and non-residential municipal tax rates have increased, the average 2019 assessment for residential properties decreased by three-and-a-half percent, and non-residential assessments increased by almost the same amount.

“Council has worked hard to bring the residential and non-residential property tax gap in line with the target set by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business,” said Mayor Tyler Gandam.

“In Wetaskiwin, the gap between residential and non-residential tax rates has decreased 35 percent in the last decade. This has been an essential part of our business retention and expansion initiatives—enabling small business owners to remain competitive and continue driving our local economy.”

The 2019 Tax Rate Bylaw also increased the penalties for late property tax payments from one percent to two percent per month—excluding July, which has been set at nine percent. The City of Wetaskiwin depends on the timely payment of property taxes to fund essential programs and services. The delayed collection of these funds costs the municipality—and its taxpayers—more in the long run.

Residents 65 years or older can apply to qualify for the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program offered through the Province of Alberta. This initiative allows eligible senior homeowners to defer their municipal property taxes with a low-interest home equity loan.

Wetaskiwin property taxes are due June 30, 2019. Tax payments can be made at Wetaskiwin City Hall, through your financial institution, by mail, or by subscribing to our pre-approved monthly tax payment plan.

Submitted by City of Wetaskiwin