Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro nominated for $15,000 contest

Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro nominated for $15,000 contest

Adama “Thank a Retailer” community contest could net Wetaskiwin groups $15K

A very simple online contest could net the Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro operation a $15,000 prize, which it would donate to the community.

The Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro has been nominated into the Adama “Thank a Retailer” community contest, which involves supporters collecting online points for a nominee recognized as an outstanding supporter of local agriculture; a winner will be selected in February for four different regions across the country. Points are accumulated weekly by supporters through emailed instructions, and simply sharing the contest on social media, for example, earns points for a nominee.

Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro spokesperson Robyn Gerrard stated by phone Jan. 25 the winner needs the most members and points, and there’s no second place. The co-op agro is currently in second place in Alberta.

The nominator described Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro’s role in the community. “The best part about Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro is that you are not just “another transaction” they care about the success and sustainability of your farm. They know the “back piece by the old school” and aren’t afraid to go there and soil sample, check for weed pressure or solve the mystery as to why its not producing well. Their passion for the industry shares in the joys of a bumper crop and the stress of a poor harvest and they understand the transition between succession farmers. They are the best partners I have made on my farming operation.”

Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro is competing on behalf of two local recipients, Rural Routes and the Wetaskiwin Ag society.

According to the contest nomination page, “Rural Routes is a group of individuals & businesses that help bring Agriculture to Wetaskiwin. Talking GMO’s, Organic and the benefits of advancing Ag Rural Routes helps make people more aware of Ag and its benefits in the community by putting on learning events, celebrations and Ag awareness campaigns. Wetaskiwin Ag Society is a hub for the local producers, cattlemen and young 4-Hers to join forces and learn from one another. They are a leading community group for positive Ag promotion in the City of Wetaskiwin and the rural community surrounding it.”

The site also stated, “Funding like this would help push Ag back into the fore front of a rural community that is losing touch with its agricultural heritage. These two organizations work with only volunteer power, donations and grants to make all of their events happen and this would spring forward new opportunity they would otherwise not have.”

Adama is a widely-known manufacturer of agriculture herbicides and pesticides.

The Thank a Retailer contest and rules can be found online at https://www.thankaretailer.ca/, while the Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro page can be found at https://www.thankaretailer.ca/vote/details/wetaskiwin-co-op-agro.

Gerrard noted bonus promo codes could appear on the Wetaskiwin Co-op Agro social media sites:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoopAgroWetask

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Co-op-Agro-Wetaskiwin-124454384392387/