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Wetaskiwin wrestlers show skill at major meet

The Wetaskiwin Wrestling team went to a major meet in St. Albert the weekend of Jan. 2
Ashton Strong placed 4th in Kids category.

Submitted by Wetaskiwin Wrestling

The Wetaskiwin Wrestling team, including Coach Mike Spinney, Cari McDonnell and 11 young wrestlers went to a major meet in St. Albert the weekend of Jan. 23 and did they ever do well.

This was only their second tournament, and the first time that the goal was to pin your opponent. These young wrestlers will be very important to our future junior high and high school teams in the coming years.

A huge thank you to all the parents who make the commitment to get these young athletes to practices and tournaments! Here are the results:

Tykes (born ’08, ’09; participation ribbons as no points awarded for this age group): Sam Cross , Jenal Strong and Aiden Cormier.

Novice (born ’06, ’07): William Dormaar 1st.

Kids (born ’04, ’05): Wilson Cross 1st, Evander Russel 1st, Carson Irwin 2nd, Desma Manns 2nd, Liam Norton 3rd, Daniel Graham 4th and Aston Strong 4th.