Wetaskiwin’s Leaders of Tomorrow honoured Apr. 8

Wetaskiwin’s Leaders of Tomorrow honoured Apr. 8

Four youth impress the Wetaskiwin community

Submitted by Lynn Crofts

Raya Schamber

Nominated by Gwynne School

Raya is recognized by teacher Michelle Loov for all her hard work, compassion, dedication and leadership qualities. Raya is enthusiastically involved in all leadership opportunities at Gwynne School.

Whether it’s with Kindergarteners or students older than she, Raya regularly displays these abilities.

Raya motivates others by encouraging and positively guiding others to the task at hand. She motivates everyone, refrains from peer pressure and is consistently a positive role model.

There is always a smile on Raya’s face as she is often the first to offer a helping hand to a teacher or student in the hall.

She assists the secretary in organizing the book fair and is active on the Green Recycling Team. Raya helps to lead the Glee Club and assists members to learn their vocals and choreography.

In the community, Raya is an active and supportive member of Club volleyball and basketball. She volunteers with the Wetaskiwin Learning Program in their rhyming tots literacy circle and recently worked at the Fred Penner concert.

Raya is passionate about piano and plays in recitals. She has taught herself how to play the ukulele.

Being the oldest of four children, Raya works with her siblings with various tasks on the farm. She says she often finds herself volunteered even when she doesn’t know it.

Raya would really like to volunteer at Neighbors Outreach as she would like to help the homeless situation in Wetaskiwin.

Raya believes a leader should set a good example by volunteering so that others will pay it forward and do more good things for the world and its people.

She calls volunteering “a touch of kindness” but sometimes she helps just to get stuff done. Raya says that learning new skills and meeting new people through volunteering is a privilege.

Charley-Anna Ware

Nominated by Gwynne School

Charley’s nominator says it’s next to impossible to put into words all the leadership skills and amazing personality traits that make up this young lady. Unpretentious, enthusiastic, committed, considerate, and industrious are but a few.

But it’s Charley’s encouragement of others that really stands out as she is the first one to root for the underdog. Always supporting those around her and cheering them on to do their best at whatever the goal is.

Charley has a wonderful positive attitude so that smile she is always wearing is purely genuine.

She is always around to lend a helping hand, whether it’s for a scheduled event or offered to a passerby in the hallway.

Charley is on the Green Recycling Team, the Glee club, involved with intramurals, and is a lunchroom supervisor. She helps organize the book fair and is a strong member of the school’s leadership team.

Charley does not bend to peer pressure and her strong resolve motivates others and makes her a positive role model.

Outside of school, Charley plays center on her hockey team and sings and acts with the Wetaskiwin and Camrose drama clubs.

On the home front and at school, Charley is becoming famous for her one-woman comedy acts but so far, the rest of us will just have to wait until she’s ready for her big debut`.

Charley has a few things to say about community, volunteering, and leadership: A good community leader is someone who thinks of others and then does something about it; If you say you want to be leader in your community, your actions must prove it; The community that works together grows together.

Tyson Brown

Nominated by Stephanie Olson

Music teacher Stephanie Olson has nominated Tyson for his dedication and skill to the music program at Norwood School. Last year he volunteered to help prepare and assist the Grade 3 to 6 Choir at the Wetaskiwin Music Festival.

He demonstrated professionalism and congeniality, inspiring the younger children to reach high and rise to the occasion.

When Norwood’s music program was gifted with 30 ukeleles, Tyson tuned them all, in between high school final exams and the start of his baseball season.

Tyson is passionate about music and is selfless with his time as he seeks opportunities to share this skill with those around him.

Tyson volunteered as DJ and sound engineer for the outdoor hockey games of the Oiler versus Flames Alumni as well as the first ever college female outdoor hockey game.

Currently, Tyson is a drummer and percussionist for Dolce Canto, Women in Song, WCHS Concert Band, Jazz Cats and Jazz Cats Combo.

He has been a drum instructor to children under 14 for the past two years.

Tyson sings bass and tenor for the WCHS concert voices and is sound engineer for the music program and all school activities.

He also plays guitar, base and piano and has recently begun exploring the world of audio recording and live sound.

When not volunteering, Tyson finds time for professional gigs in the greater Battle River area as a member of the WCHS Sharp jazz combo.

For the past three years, Tyson referees for Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta as well as umpiring for Baseball Canada and Baseball Alberta.

Ben Taje

Nominated by Wetaskiwin & District Minor Football Association

Nominator Blain Fuller describes Ben as a cheerful and dependable young man who has been a volunteer with Wetaskiwin & District Minor Football for over six years.

In that time Ben has coached Bantam, Pee Wee, Atom and Novice, often all on the same night.

All the age groups enjoy Ben’s coaching as he leads with kindness and support.

For the past three years he has been coaching the novice flag program where he teaches four to seven year olds how to run, throw and catch.

Now, working with these young athletes is not that easy. They are easily distracted but Ben has proven that he is a natural leader. He guides them with firm but gentle management and he works hard to develop these skills.

Ben just recently graduated but continues to make time to volunteer with Wetaskiwin Minor Football as well as at the Justice Café.

Ben says volunteering can create a positive change in your community.

Even one person can make a difference.


Wetaskiwin’s Leaders of Tomorrow honoured Apr. 8

Wetaskiwin’s Leaders of Tomorrow honoured Apr. 8