Canadian taxpayers on tap to pay for Prime Minister’s mistake: writer

Canadian taxpayers on tap to pay for Prime Minister’s mistake: writer

Writer says U.N. immigration ploy harms Canada, was unnecessary

I am writing this letter in response to the article that appeared in the Pipestone Flyer on December 20, 2018 in which Mr. Todd Vaughan expressed the opinion that the people in Canada , and in particular Alberta, that are protesting the United Nations Global Compact for Migration were a bunch of anti-immigration extremists as well as a group of ardent xenophobes.

Well, I strongly object to our Prime Minister signing the United Nations Global Compact for Migration and I am neither anti-immigration nor xenophobic. In fact I am an immigrant from a Third World country who has witnessed firsthand the United Nations in operation and knows the UN to be an inefficient, corrupt and incompetent organization.

Canada is a democratic, sovereign nation and we elect politicians to govern our country. The UN is an un-elected organization made up of a collection of out-of-touch elites and limousine liberals. The UN compact is truly radical and seeks to make immigration a universal human right. The agreement does not simply apply to bona fide refugees, it applies to all migrants, it embraces a world with no borders and no meaningful citizenship, and it undermines the rule of law and circumvents state sovereignty and prescribes what the government of each country should do to prevent the media from criticizing these fundamental changes (So much for a free press).

Prior to the Trudeau government Canada always had one of the most generous immigration policies. Each year there was an allotment made for people to migrate to this country from all over the world. It was an orderly and well-defined policy. It made provision for people to migrate to this country as economic immigrants – that meant they were wealthy people who would come to Canada, open businesses and provide employment. There was allowance made for the group who were simply seeking a legal way to enter Canada and then there was a commitment made for bona fide refugees – those fleeing war and persecution and whose governments had failed to protect them.

However, we now have a Prime Minister who sends out an irresponsible tweet advising people that Canada was open to accepting any refugee. The people who responded to this tweet are mostly people living in the U.S.A, and who are not under any threat of war or persecution, but who simply wish to avoid the U.S. immigration rules. The Canadian taxpayer has been handed the bill for millions of dollars to support these people. The government has failed to arrive at a meaningful solution to address this issue, which would never have arisen except for one irresponsible action by our Prime Minister.

Instead of wasting their time telling sovereign nations how to run their countries, the UN should be addressing real issues like the thousands of people who are dying from starvation every day in Yemen and Sudan. And while the UN is on the subject of immigration they should look into the reason why a large, wealthy nation like Saudi Arabia has not taken one bona fide refugee.

Marcia Stymiest