Climate change explained by earth’s orbit: writer

Climate change explained by earth’s orbit: writer

Writer says nothing can change earth’s climate

Dear editor,

Periodically the earth wobbles in its orbit around the sun and triggers climate changes.

The natural periodic in orbits or a flip-flop of the earth’s polarity or a blurp in the rotation of the earth are three explanations for “climate changes.”

Nobody can change it because the sun and other bodies in the universe affect what happens on earth. So when the cult leader (Trudeau) and Climate Barbie (McKenna) try to convince you that we humans created “climate changes” tell them to take the whole Liberal caucus and fly to the sun and try to adjust it. It would be well-spent aviation fuel (carbon tax included) and it would get rid of a lot of (Hot Air Emissions) in Canada.

Ray Barrette, Winfield