Farewell Pipestone Flyer

Farewell Pipestone Flyer

Pipestone Flyer reporter rides off into the sunset this week

In the past two-and-a-half years I’ve worn many hats for the Pipestone Flyer newspaper, reporter, editor, delivery person, and many more. Come March 23 I’ll be hanging up those hats.

In saying goodbye and leaving the paper I can easily say my time at the Pipestone Flyer has been an educational whirlwind of experiences. I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much about the wonderful communities the Pipestone Flyer serves, and I’ve been taught so many valuable lessons.

There are many, many strong individuals and community organizations who stand and face challenge after challenge as they work to achieve their goals and not only is that an inspiring lesson in itself but it has been an honor to share their stories and achievements.

The Pipestone Flyer has also seen a number of staff members come and go in my years with the paper, but the dedicated core team of Stu Salkeld, editor, and Christina Komives, sales manager, were an immense pleasure to work with.

Both work hard of the paper, their communities, and the team. I don’t think I’ve ever worked in an office where the staff work so diligently and cohesively to ensure the service levels and product standard are something to be continually proud of.

It’s really a blessing how small the Pipestone Flyer’s office is; I know going forward there are many skills I’ll be able to pull out that I’ve learned simply through osmosis by working with two such skilled people.

Anyone who knows me has probably heard me say hundreds of times how much I love the rodeo. Photographing the action and just being a part of the atmosphere has been a passion of mine since I started my journalism career six years ago, and I know that is something I’m going to miss.

But six years ago I’d never stepped into a council meeting, I knew very little about agriculture, and never dreamed I’d be able to run election coverage solo. The multitude of experiences will all be missed.

In closing I’d like give a huge thank you to Stu and Christina for making every day at the office a laugh and to the communities for always rising to work with the paper.

Amelia Naismith was the reporter for the Pipestone Flyer. The Pipestone Flyer wishes her only the best in her future endeavors.