First job in legislature will be to ‘axe the tax’

First job in legislature will be to ‘axe the tax’

MLA Mark Smith says carbon tax will be first job on the list

During the recent election the new United Conservative government campaigned on a promise that we would hit the ground running.

Here is a brief, and somewhat incomplete, review of what the new government has done to this point.

The Cabinet has been sworn in and there is a strong slate of Ministers working hard to get their offices up and running.

One of the first actions of the new government was to proclaim Bill 12 which will give Alberta the ability to curtail oil shipments if such action is necessary to ensure that we get full value for our critical resources by getting them to tidewater and the international market.

The Minister of Energy testified to the Senate committee on Bill C-48, a bill that would unfairly ban Alberta oil on the west coast.

The Premier met with Prime Minister Trudeau to express Alberta’s concern about Bills C-48 and C-69 and the threat they pose to our economic prosperity.

The MLA’s for the government caucus will be sworn in on May 21st, the Speech from the Throne will be on May 22nd and the new session will begin May 23rd.

In the upcoming session the first three bills to be debated will be:

Bill 1: The Carbon Tax Repeal Act – which will repeal the burdensome carbon tax.

Bill 2: Open for Business Act – which will bring balance to Alberta’s labour laws to make it easier for job-creators to invest in Alberta again.

Bill 3: Job Creation Tax Cut – which will lower business Alberta’s business tax rate, get Alberta back to work by creating an estimated 55,000 new, full-time, private sector jobs and increase investment in Alberta by $13 billion.

It is the government’s goal to create the most competitive tax jurisdiction in Canada by July 1, 2019. This will give Alberta a 45 per cent tax advantage over the next lowest taxed jurisdiction by 2022.

This will be important if Alberta is to attract the capital necessary to rebuild the economy of the province.

It will be critical to grow the economy so that we can address the very real problem of close to a $60 billion dollar debt that handcuffs the economy and all Albertans moving into the future.

As we move in to the spring session of the Legislature I will continue to work hard representing all of the constituents in the Drayton Valley-Devon constituency.

Mark Smith is MLA for the Drayton Valley-Devon constituency and writes a regular column for The Pipestone Flyer.