Government makes case for climate change for money

Government makes case for climate change for money

Slanted data used to justify things like carbon tax

Dear editor,

Last week I wrote on climate change and how the government was telling us that Canada was warming up three times faster than anywhere else in the world.

This week I came across an article written by a person who for twenty years had worked in the Arctic setting up monitor stations. The air monitoring stations that were put after 2000 are a point of faulty data collection. These stations were set up in positions that would give them a high reading, and when asked why they were set up in these positions they said that they wanted to get high hits so they could receive more funding. Instead of being set up in positions were they would get an average reading they were set up beside a Boiler on one of the larger buildings in Inuvik. The air quality monitoring station in Yellowknife is next to the largest sewage lift stations (think pig barn).

The reports leaked by CBC have been fixed with 20 years of manipulated data…we are being mislead.

If this is happening in Canada’s arctic… where else has the data collected been placed so the monitoring system will get high hits.

Our climate is changing and it has been changing for thousands of years. There is no amount of carbon tax or money that will change what happens to our Climate.

Our governments are pushing this false information on to us so they can justify forcing us to pay a tax which is supposed to slow the rate of pollution which they claim is affecting our climate.

The only reason that our governments got themselves in this mess is they are not running our country like a business and have got themselves in debt so far that they have to come up with reasons for us to pay more taxes. You cannot spend more than you take in.

The Liberal government has just given a grant of $12 Million to Loblaws, so that they can replace their freezers. They say that it will save the carbon emissions. I am sure that there are many smaller stores in Canada that could use new freezers too. Everyone in Canada should write or email Trudeau on the fact that tax dollars should not be used to help out his billionaire friends so they in turn can donate to the Liberal party, and then write the donations off their taxes. Nice going. The taxpayer loses again..

James A. Cook