In the Spirit of Wahkohtowin

In the Spirit of Wahkohtowin

Kinship, neighborliness evident at Wetaskiwin round dance

Dear editor,

On Friday the 6th I attended for the first time, the Round Dance at the Drill Hall in Wetaskiwin.

I was volunteering in a capacity that involved some members of our Maskwacis Community. I was so proud to show these members that there is work being done and we are all in it together. They took the lead and we followed with enjoyment and understanding of the significance of the Round Dance.

It was a very well organized and very unique and fun evening that I discovered was perfect for “Righting Relations” and engaging in Reconciliation and Healing through culture, dance, conversation and just plain ole fun and participation.

Seeing familiar faces and some representatives of our County, not just show up and stand against a wall, but to get out and join hands with strangers. To feel the energy that was flowing through the dancers and through the drums and songs of a variety of drum groups from around the region made me proud to be a member of the County.

I would like to do a shout out to our County Reeve Terry Van De Kratts and our MLA Rick Wilson for showing the community that they are genuinely involved by dancing and making rounds to visit with us all. In the Spirit of Wahkohtowin. (Kinship, neighborliness)

I thank all of those that put this event together a huge Hiy Hiy to Maskwacis Mc’s and Singers and Drummers.

Susan C. Kokas, County of Wetaskiwin