Learning the difference between quality and quantity of time

The joys of being a full time working mom

The other day I had a woman ask me why I would to be a working mom, especially working full time.

She wanted to know how I was okay with the fact I was paying someone else to raise my child for me. I was somewhat taken aback by her questions…well, in all honesty, they were more opinionated statements than questions. I have been subject to similar statements ever since people found out I was returning to work. I feel as though I have had to justify my decision over and over again to people who don’t have the right to question why I choose to be a working mom. Some of my friends have or are staying at home with their children and they are enjoying it and it works for their families. I knew after 12 months at home it was not going to work for my family. There are a few reasons why I am a working mom and why I love being a working mom and I thought I would share a few.

I love my job, I really do. I went to college to specifically study this field because I knew it was what I wanted to do. I enjoy the fast paced environment that is the newspaper industry. I like working with clients and helping them to create advertising campaigns, I enjoy being creative and helping different businesses. I have a very outgoing personality and while I love spending time at home with my son I also enjoy being out and interacting with other adults. Why would having a child stop me from loving my career?

My son was stuck at home with me 24/7. I don’t have many friends within close proximity that have children close to my sons age so this means we had to travel over 90 minutes to have a play date. With a kid who hates his car seat a commute like that would be torture for both of us. It took my husband and I almost a decade to have to our son, therefore many of my friends have children who are much older. My son wasn’t interacting with children his own age and trust me, he enjoys the time with other kids as much I enjoy being with other adults. My son has blossomed since he started attending day home. His speech has improved, his social skills have improved and he isn’t as shy or clingy as he was when it was just my husband, myself and him.

Another great reason for working is my husband actually gets to spend time with us. If I didn’t have a job and wasn’t contributing financially to the household my husband would have to work more hours to make up the income. There is a certain amount each month our household needs to bring in. I figured it would be easier to meet the budget with two people working rather than one. It allows my husband the opportunity to be home and spend time with our son and for all of us to spend time together as a family.

Over the past year since I have returned to work I have learned the difference between the quality and the quantity of time with my son. I do not have a large quantity of time with him during the week but the time I do have I utilize. We are doing so much more than we ever did when I was home. We spend more quality family time together and we cherish the moments we do have.

If you are a stay at home mom… awesome. If you are a working mom… awesome. Everybody needs to do what is best for their family and when you find what works for your family, great. It isn’t our job as parents to judge other families based on what works for them. Everybody is different and as I said the woman with all the questions, “you do you and I’ll do me”.

Christina Komives is the sales manager for The Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer and writes a regular column for the paper.

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