Editor of the Pipestone Flyer, Shaela Dansereau

Editor of the Pipestone Flyer, Shaela Dansereau

Lets crank up the spooky this year.

I’ll admit it, my favourite holiday is Christmas. I love the atmosphere and the decorations and driving through the city with twinkling lights a glow. I think part of the reason love it so much is because a lot of people get really into the Christmas holiday, and many go all out on decorating their house and yard for it.

This year I am campaigning that we put the same energy we spend on Christmas decorating on Halloween decorating. I think right now, especially in the middle of the second wave of this pandemic, it would really boost morale to have the City—even the whole County get really into Halloween.

This is the nicest fall we’ve had in years. Just think how great it would be to take a nice long walk through the city to enjoy the weather (or even a leisurely drive) and see everyone’s Halloween displays? I challenge residents of the City of Wetaskiwin and beyond to create the Halloween version of Candy Cane Lane.

There may be a lot about Halloween this year that we can’t do the same as years past, but we can still make this holiday stand out in ways it didn’t before. And if you get your neighbourhood to join you, or you think you have the coolest Halloween display around, email me at shaela.dansereau@pipestoneflyer.ca, because I want to see it and maybe even feature you in the paper this October.

Businesses and non-residential establishments, I encourage you to get in on the fun as well! I look forward to seeing what everyone has brewing this spooky season.


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