Mike Lake doesn’t represent rural voters: writer

Mike Lake doesn’t represent rural voters: writer

Letter writer says Lake out of touch with voters in this riding

Dear editor,

I attended the Edmonton-Wetaskiwin Conservative Party debate at the Nisku Inn. The moderator said that open mic questions would be taken. However, that did not happen. Instead only pre-written, pre-selected questions were read, such as the old electoral reform and how to engage more voters.

Mike Lake and his supporters may be content for him to extol his work on autism and developing country’s women’s health issues, but I want an MP that is concerned about our economy, our health issues and crime reduction. Mike Lake is quite content to keep using his “roundtable meetings.” His format does not allow each individual to raise their own concerns; instead he chooses the “most popular issues” that he wants to discuss. So much for individual concerns and democracy.

It took many attempts to get into a roundtable meeting. It had a two-hour time limit. The first 44 minutes Lake talked about autism and how we need to better support African women giving birth. The rest of the meeting was controlled by two self-acclaimed “Proud Trudeau Liberal voters.” Me and the other rural riding constituent were not allowed to raise our issues that we came there for.

At the Nisku debate wrap-up, Mike Lake said, “I will always represent Edmonton-Millwoods first.”

What about the rest of the riding? We come second place? I feel it is time for a change and I think Gordon Francis could provide that representation we need. I hope CPC member voters provide it.

Ron Wurban, Calmar