Misleading words in politics

Misleading words in politics

Communism makes for very bad experiences: writer

Dear editor,

We do well to remember that politics is all about power and little about the citizens, and the end justifies all means. In true and practical terms by example “Democratic” always means “Communism.” Look at the worst communistic countries in the world, like the “Democratic republic of North Korea,” Or the “Democratic Republic of Congo,” or Russia or Venezuela of the former D.D.R. the “Deutsch Democratizche Republic,” more severe and communistic than Russia.

You think it is rule by the people, and indeed, some people rule “the party” and the rest is subordinate. They focus on the so-called working class but through unbearable taxes rob them of the employers. Old wisdom says when people rule people, it is time to hide. Our Western society always maintained a law system based on the Torah’s Ten Commandments (hence Judeo-Christian) we all know that there is no freedom without law. It makes us feel safe. We are not supposed to murder, or steal or hate our neighbour and that makes life quite comfortable and secure and free. This will all be gone under liberal or democratic rule because anything smelling like God must not be tolerated.

What our present government does not realize, who are leading us into this new system, is that they will be the first ones to be shot, since they are betraying their own countrymen, they cannot be trusted. Then all dissidents, people that do not openly agree with the new system, will be put to work in the mines in the North West Territories, the new western gulag, the workers paradise. They will receive a one-way ticket, much work with little food, burial is inexpensive. The people left behind are now quiet, they don’t see nor hear and certainly don’t speak because everyone will watch everyone. This is life (or rather death) in a socialistic society. We have seen its failure in all parts of the world, whether it be in Russia, China, Venezuela or Africa. It always brings the opposite of happiness, prosperity, freedom and progress. Notley’s immense debt-load is not mismanagement, but purposely driving us into a state of submission to the great money-powers who she is working for, otherwise she would never give them so much business. These powers are inherently socialistic, they like slavery. You see the collateral for state debt is the property of the people and when the bill comes due, at best we might be able to rent our own house or otherwise it will be on the street. I wish we would wake up out of our stupor. When we expect father state to look after us, they will do so on their own terms, which means breadlines, partial electricity, limited heating, half-empty shelves in the grocery stores, unaffordable gas prices and then this endless control of everything and everyone, besides the fear of being lifted out of your bed at midnight for a word thought, not even spoken.

Oh, it can’t be all that bad you’ll say. Oh yes it can, just look at the countries that tried it. Forget about our boats, RVs and four-wheelers, and forget about free thought, freedom in politics or religion or going on holidays after your liking. It will be hell on earth, count on it.

Fritz Luten, Thorsby