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MLA: Former PC’s to blame more than NDP

Bruce Hinkley says NDP has made Alberta great again

Dear editor,

For those thinking that because Richie Bros. auction has been hosting large auction sales is a sign that the NDP have killed the economy are wrong. Richie Bros. have been in business for decades, even during PC years and their auction sales were just as big then.

It should be noted that former PM Harper closed 12 of the 18 Alberta coal mines but did not provide compensation for workers or transition help to natural gas. In places like Hanna their coal seam will run out by 2026; Forestburg was bought out by an American company who promptly laid off many of the workers.

It should be noted that Alberta has had a carbon tax for 10 years and became the first province to put a price on carbon. This was done by former Conservative Premier Ed Stelmach – “the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation”. A different name, but a carbon tax, $15 per tonne. As Trevor Tome, an economist at the University of Calgary indicates both Kenny and the NDP support carbon pricing. It is not going away.

Some say the NDP have not done enough about rural crime…well the UCP voted against the budget; so next time you call the RCMP and they cannot come immediately due to staff shortages call your UCP friends.

Alberta’s economy is growing, retail and manufacturing sales are up. Continually economists are saying Alberta must get off the oil and gas rollercoaster of boom and bust. But the carbon levy is not destroying jobs or the economy – BC which has carbon pricing as well and Alberta are the two strongest economies in Canada.

Locally we can see that from reports recently given by our reeve and the mayors of Millet and Wetaskiwin. Reeve Rooyakkers recently reported the County of Wetaskiwin saw 284 development permits approved (a value over $30 million) and 14 new business approvals including the G3 grain terminal worth millions of dollars, creating jobs and beneficial to farmers.

Mayor Wadsworth indicated in 2017 Millet had its best year ever – new water pipeline, 1,200 home development and the annexation of industrial land approved.

Mayor Gandam also seeing improvements and growth in Wetaskiwin. For example, a 26 to 40 home development will be starting this summer.

New Democrat economic policies are not killing our constituency; we are growing! Our economy is growing, 90,000 jobs were created in 2017 mostly in the private sector.

The Alberta Advantage of $11.2 billion lower taxes per year than our neighbours of BC and Saskatchewan.

Most families go into debt for their home, vehicles, kids’ education and home improvements. That is no different than our government building schools, hospitals, roads, brides and water lines. Would some readers prefer families become homeless because debt is bad? Would detractors prefer schools and hospitals be closed and people laid off? How would that make life better for Albertans? We do have deficits but there is a plan and it is working to reduce it. It has happened already. Claims of dire economic doom come from scaremongers who are exaggerating, speculating and misinforming readers.

Next election voters will choose between cuts, slash and burn policies vs. build and grow the economy. Lake of fire/bozo eruptions vs. human rights. Tax breaks for the rich vs. social programs. Austerity vs. investments. Entitlement vs. social justice.

Promises made and promises kept. Good governance during tough economic times has made Alberta great again.

Bruce Hinkley, MLA Wetaskiwin-Camrose