NDP have trail of failed policies: letter writer

NDP have trail of failed policies: letter writer

Reader says MLA ignoring many NDP mistakes

Dear editor,

Re: MLA Bruce Hinkley’s May 3 letter…

My first thought about Hinkley’s letter is what have you and the rest of the NDP government been smoking? Saddling the next three generations to repay a $92 billion debt from your policies is not a diversified broad-based economic recovery. Just look at Richie Bros. Auctions Nisku, from Apr. 24 to 28, they held a five day auction sale selling 9,700 lots. Those lots were bankruptcies, repossessions, people and companies selling off assets to try and keep solvent until this NDP government that lives on Fantasy Island is gone!

Remember 2015 when Notley, Trudeau and about 350 staff went to Paris and bragged how they were shutting down coal-fired powerplants and the oilsands. Then just before the NDP was going to ram through the carbon levy a suspicious forest fire started outside Fort Mac. Why did Notley and Trudeau both reject large water bombers offered by the U.S., Russia and others? They rejected help and used the equivalent of cropdusters to water bomb until the fire was totally out of control.

The NDP opens “safe injection sites” and just where do the addicts get the money to buy their drugs that they can then use at “safe injection sites?” Rural crime skyrockets but the NDP cannot or is not smart enough o make the connection. Then there is the drug kingpin who was facing first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges that was released because it was taking too long for him to go to trial. But for some strange reason, if a rural resident defends themselves or their property, they face charges and are on trial within two months.

Why is it that an electronic crypto currency company setting up in southern Alberta is going to get electricity for 3.6 cents per kwhr? Discount electricity to run a crypto currency company that allows drug dealers and other criminals to move money electronically and tax free. Great diversity Mr. Hinkley, just great!

Just when are Trudeau and Notley going to quit blaming former conservative governments and realize it is their idiotic policies that have caused investors to pull their money out of Canada? Real people are concerned about our actual economy, not rainbows and unicorns.

Ron Wurban