North America is failing, thanks to Mr. T and Mr. T

North America is failing, thanks to Mr. T and Mr. T

Canada and America need new leaders

Despite being at opposite ends of the spectrum, the leaders of two of the most economically prominent countries of the western world are marching their homelands to the same grim fate.

Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a quintessential example of kitschy liberalism to the core, is working hard every day to turn what is great about Canada’s reputation and diversity into a farce.

Some are calling Trudeau’s recent trip to India a total disaster while others are just calling it a partial disaster, as his goal seems to be have been accomplished; rather than tactfully represent Canada abroad and somehow bettering the lives of Canadians through the trip he has caused a stir, done the bare minimum to make it seem as if he has Canada’s best interests at heart internationally, and of course created some “memorable” photo ops for the next federal election.

But when the prime minister takes a trip abroad the funds used to pay for that time are derived from taxes paid by Canadians. And if memory serves me correctly he was elected by the people — well, some of the people — as a civil servant for Canada; not to stamp his passport for the fun of it and play dress-up.

Trudeau also found himself in hot water after saying Canada’s veterans are asking for more than Canada can give.

Why is it Trudeau can care so willingly and so easily about everyone else except Canadians.

Jack Letts, also known as Jihadi Jack, wants Trudeau to welcome him to Canada (in some capacity) and there is a chance it could happen, as he is British-Canadian. After Prime Minister Trudeau was elected, his government repealed a law that allowed suspected terrorists to be stripped of their Canadian citizenship.

There have been other incidences in which Trudeau has been alleged to have been on friendlier terms with alleged, suspected, or labelled terrorists.

Perhaps Trudeau should remember his job is not to be re-elected, it is to make decisions in the best interest of Canadians. He needs to pull back and look after his own.

But no man — or in this case no country — is an island and if one ventures too far in the other direction they turn into a Donald Trump.

The Toronto Star is keeping a running tab of every false claim Trump has made, complete with in-depth analysis; as of 10:57 a.m. on Feb. 26 there were 1,218 claims on the list.

For a county apparently built on the concept of freedom and immigrants coming over to fulfill their own version of the American dream Trump sure seems to be against both those concepts.

From his boarder wall, to his Middle Eastern flight bans, and his horrid comments made about the state of other countries and America’s interest in recruiting more civilized i.e. whiter immigrants, he is working hard to destabilize America reputation on the world stage.

Trump is the face of supposedly one of the greatest countries in the world, and it is not a good face.

Not only is he rude and petty but he also has made a habit of over-regulating things such as health care and agriculture.

Reading over his quotes on the Toronto Star website I can feel my IQ leaking out my ears. I’m unsure if Trump is so completely unaware of the damage he is causing with his words and the rising level of his incompetence, or if he is so crooked and arrogant he believes no one will catch him in his lies, or if they do he will be able to bully it under a rug.