Nothing is free, all comes from the taxpayer

Reader says Alberta’s debt grew from $12 to $71 billion in four years

Dear editor,

As individuals who live in a democracy we have the great privilege of electing our government representatives; however, we must take this very seriously when we are standing in a polling station casting our vote and know that who we vote for can have long term consequences on each of us as individuals and corporately as a province.

Let me remind you of Rachel Notley’s record over the last four years.

• The NDP government abandoned Alberta’s single personal income tax rate in favour of a multi-bracket system, increasing the top rate by 50 per cent in the process.

• This income tax hike was accompanied by a 20 per cent increase in the general business tax rate, at the same time putting so much red tape in place for business that it became absolutely onerous for business to operate. (Remember in most cases business taxes are passed along to consumers).

• Then they introduced the mother of all tax hikes – the carbon tax. This tax increased the cost of everything, including electricity, groceries and gasoline. The reality of the carbon tax is that it a plain old tax- grab and that it does not in any way lower emissions.

• Usually when governments increase taxes they use the additional revenue to pay down debt – this was not the case with Notley’s government. The provincial debt grew from $12 billion in 2015 to an astonishing $71 billion in four short years.

• They attacked Alberta’s family farmers and ranchers and eroded their property rights, and increased their operating expenses by more than 10 per cent.

• Over 100,000 Albertans have lost their jobs; however, the number of public service employees have increased by 25,000 since Notley was elected.

The NDP government demolished the Alberta Advantage and instead installed the Alberta Disadvantage. They blamed it all on low oil prices but in the 1990s the price of a barrel of oil was $10 and the province was not in the same mess as it is in right now.

Our current MLA devotes almost an entire page in a local newspaper telling us about all the free stuff the NDP government is giving us. When you are standing in that polling station and you are tempted to elect the NDP because of all the “free stuff” you are getting remember that government has no money, they get their money from us. In order to pay for all that “free stuff” you are receiving you can expect one of two thing – your taxes to increase, or services to be reduced or cut.

Joe Ceci, the Minister of Finance admitted that the rate at which the NDP government is borrowing means that they will end up tripling annual interest payments to $3 billion or more. Pay attention to Notley’s election promises -– a “free” $1.5 billion day care program, 30 new schools, more public service employee – the list is endless but the best part is that all these things will pay for themselves. That is what is known as “voodoo economics”

Your vote has consequences so choose very carefully when you are standing in that polling booth.

Marcia Stymiest


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