Notley supports what she thinks she’ll get votes for: writer

Notley supports what she thinks she’ll get votes for: writer

Writer says NDP carbon tax mentioned after last election

Dear editor,

Today I see an article stating we are supposed to believe in Rachel Notley’s vision of Alberta.

After seeing what her government has done to the people and the province we would have to be very dumb to let her have another four years to continue to wreck the what we have had in this province.

She has not done a thing that has helped to get out the mess we are in. She has increased the workforce of the government to the point that has 37 per cent of our population is now working for the government. She has brought in a carbon tax that wasn’t mentioned before she was elected and it was supposed to give us social licence to get a pipeline built. None of these things has seen any action started on getting a pipeline built and now we are paying $30 million for what I call Notley’s cartoons to tell us that we need a pipeline. We all know this and we don’t have to be reminded of this fact by spoiling our free time listening to this propaganda.

She lost any respect that I had for her when she stuck up for her environment minister Shannon Phillips after she was caught lying twice about the Bighorn parks they want to create.

Notley did not mention anything about bringing in the carbon tax before she was elected, nor did she say anything about borrowing money to the point that we now have the largest debt that we have ever had and to top it all off we have a downgrade in our credit rating of 6 or 7, not sure. On top of that the last money was borrowed from the European Foreign Exchange which means that if the the Canadian dollar falls we will be paying more interest on this money. These are all actions taken by a very uninformed bunch of radicals bound and determined to force their ideas on the people of Alberta.

We have an minister of Education who changed the school curriculum to suit his communist ways and he should be sued by the people of Alberta.

For anyone to believe that we should listen to or read the lies that are coming out of the mouths of the NDP party at this time is very hard to understand. We have all seen what Rachel’s NDP party has done in the last four years so why would anyone in his or her right mind want to listen or believe what her vision is for next four years?

It sure is funny how Notley has change in the last six months from a person who was against all fossil fuels and anything to do with our natural resources to a person who tells us every five minutes on TV that we want a pipeline. All of a sudden she is telling us how she is helping to build a refinery that was started before she took office.

I really believe that the voters of Alberta should send the NDP party to their grave in the next election. They have spoiled the future for many people in the province of Alberta.

James A. Cook