Notley was anti-pipeline, now she’s pro-pipeline

Notley was anti-pipeline, now she’s pro-pipeline

Writer says NDP government takes care of union buddies

Dear editor,

It’s disgusting how the NDP and Leftist media including Ryan Jespersen and Charles Adler have engaged in a non-stop smear campaign against the UCP or anyone with conservative values. They have tried to make this election only about gay-straight alliances and LGBTQ issues.

Prior to the 2015 election, Notley, Phillips, Eggen, just to mention three, were all rabid anti-oil and anti-pipelines. Paris 2015, Notley proudly stood with Trudeau to launch the attack on coal-fired power plants and oilsands. 2016, a suspicious human-caused forest fire starts outside Fort McMurray, with delays in firefighting. Later, both Notley and Trudeau refused multiple foreign offers of large water bombers. Why?

NDP changed the Municipal Government Act so that more school tax could be charged on residences and farmland to be passed on to government unions. ATA whines about lack of money and class size but has constant TV and media ads costing how much, millions? NDP brought in Bill 6 and the carbon levy with very invasive powers. Notley gave oilsands CEOs massive exemptions, in exchange they endorse the carbon tax. They never even had to make any commitment to clean-up and eliminate the tailings ponds. Yet when Stelmach wanted a royalty increase, guess who got him out and Redford in.

When I attended anti-Bill 6 and anti-carbon tax rallies, we were not allowed within 75 feet of the front legislature steps. The musical chimes were put on to try to drown out speeches, no public address system was allowed. I counted over 40 city cops and Alberta sheriffs plus paddy wagons were on site. Yet when government unions held rallies on the legislature grounds, they could be up on the front steps and were given government microphones and P.A. systems to use. There was little if any police presence.

The NDP brought in drug injection sites that enables drug users. Where do they get their money for street drugs? Crime, easy targets, go to rural areas. Fentanyl drugs are also fueling BC’s real estate/money laundering economy. Even when a trafficker is caught with over 27,000 fentanyl pills and admits guilt, a liberal judge lets him off. The Leftists won’t go after criminal’s and their illegal guns, instead, Leftists want to take away law-abiding citizens’ guns.

While tens of thousands of Albertans go without any income, lose homes and businesses, government union employees that have job security, pensions and health plans, they have not even had to take a pay cut! Liberal David Khan, Ryan Jespersen and his buddy Stephen Carter (former Redford chief of staff who received $130,000 of severance pay for six months “work’) are calling for a sales tax. There exists a government spending problem. We don’t need to hand over more money! Shannon Phillips and the NDP want to push through the American Y2Y agenda by starting with the Bighorn Park.

I want an MLA that has moral ethics, one who listens to your concerns, cares about the economy and jobs so we can afford healthcare and education, one that supports parent’s rights to know what’s going on in school and what they are being taught in school.

To the NDP and Leftists, your smear campaign was just that! I have voted and will still vote for Mark Smith.

Exercise your right to vote while we still have the right to vote!

Ron Wurban,