Prime minister astounds with indifference

Prime minister astounds with indifference

Writer says Justin Trudeau has inkling of dairy industry

Dear editor,

On Aug. 16 the local media in Ottawa cornered Justin Trudeau and asked him the usual important questions like, “What inspired you to wear such lovely socks?” or “Did you have a lovely week?”

There was one reporter there, no doubt an Albertan employed at The Pipestone Flyer, he must have caught Justin off-guard with this really important question, “Justin, can you give us your take on the plight of our western Canadian dairy farmers?” Man, this really caught him off guard!

Well here goes, this was Trudeau’s awkward reply: “Well, I, um, uh, um, uh! How about, um, those Calgary, um, Flames?

“I, uh, believe that, uh, they’ll, uh, have a great, um, year!”

It’s true, this was exactly what he said. Would I lie to you?

Thanks for letting me vent.

Larry Heibert, Wetaskiwin