Prime Minister wrong on Iranian general issue

Prime Minister wrong on Iranian general issue

Writer says slain Iranian general a danger

Dear editor,

So I’m reading the Edmonton Sun this week. I see that our illustrious bearded P.M. is blaming Mr. Trump for the downing of airline flight P5J S2 on Jan. 8.

Okay, so we have a U.S. president taking down an extremely dangerous terrorist who was totally ignorant of the innocents! Trump gave the order to take him out, good riddance to bad rubbish as my Mom would say.

Iran retaliated by slamming at least one missile into this jet, killing everyone aboard, a terrible tragedy!

Now why blame Mr. Trump? The U.S. president was doing what needed to be done, because Lord only knows what damage this former terrorist would have inflicted had he lived!

Unfortunately, our lame P.M. can’t see it this way. Justin loves spouting off without thinking, he barks and barks. As I heard someone say, “It’s always the small dog that barks the loudest!”

It’s obvious our little dog P.M. is the laughing stock of the world and no, it’s not because of his ridiculous beard.


Larry Hiebert, Wetaskiwin

Justin Trudeau