Question information when looking at NDP record

Every week in a local paper I read (NDP MLA) Bruce Hinkley’s account of what wonderful things the NDP government...

Dear editor,

Every week in a local paper I read (NDP MLA) Bruce Hinkley’s account of what wonderful things the NDP government are doing for the people of his riding.

You would wonder how we even got along before we had the NDP. They are promising to all kinds of things with money that they don’t even have and we will be paying for these handouts long after Mr. Hinkley is forgotten. If you take close notice of just about all the promises he is making they won’t even be finished by the time next election comes around.

One of his achievements he is bragging about is the Reynolds-Alberta museum receives $39.5 million from province. A first glance gives you the impression that they will be getting it all this year and that it will be built soon. As I read it they will be just getting enough to do the planning process, or is that what the planning will cost? I will leave that alone for now. The point I really want to get across is that when the province is broke why are we even thinking about spending money on things that could or should have been done when we can afford to do it? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing things of the past preserved too. I just think it is something that has been waiting for a while and should only be done when we can afford to do it. It is a lot easier to borrow money than pay it back. I was in business when interest was 22 per cent, so I know what I am talking about.

I see also in the paper where a local aviation company is partnering with an aviation company from China. This sounds like it could be an exciting venture. I also notice that our Mr. Hinkley worked his way in the picture some how. I suspect he is trying to get credit for something he probably didn’t have anything to do with. Or maybe we just don’t know what the NDP has promised them.

The NDP government has said that they are cutting small business tax in half, but they forget to tell everyone that they will also double the carbon tax in 2018. Who is to say they might be going to double it again in 2019, because by that time they will have to, just to keep operating. They are playing a very dangerous shell game.

I looked up MLA Bruce Hinkley’s web page and it states that he is a small businessman. I wonder if he runs his business like the NDP is running our province. I will say that they did inherit somewhat of a mess, but it was nothing that couldn’t have been straightened out with a little effort. Instead the NDP have borrowed to the point of downgrading our credit rating, so that we now have to pay more interest. I have to remind the NDP that in a small business if you can’t pay you can always declare bankruptcy but with a NDP government you just tax the people more.

Jim Cook, Westerose