Raising kids on a farm is a great idea

Too many of current generation ask, but don’t contribute: writer

Dear editor,

Re: C. Komives’ parenting column May 10.

You’re a really great friend by the sounds of your article and that’s great!

Unfortunately even though you both want good things for your children only one of you is going to get it. Yes we live in a world where there are winners and losers.

For instance you both want your children to be healthy. German studies done years ago established that farm kids have better immune systems then others due to the very reasons you describe in your article. That’s really old news actually. It’s nice they did official studies to validate it but those of us with some basic grasp of how immune systems work can connect those dots pretty easily.

As to well adjusted, again I’d say farm kids are less “shielded” from the laws of nature; Animals die unexpectedly, the farmer did everything right but the hail still ruined his crops, life isn’t fair and you gotta work hard for everything you want to achieve. I speculate that’s why rural people are more conservative than their urban counterparts. Well adjusted people are those who have had to face harsh realities. There’s a generation of young people that never were allowed to be exposed to those.

Contributing members of society, I wish you both God’s speed achieving that goal. The only contributions I hear from most young people these days is their thoughts on how much they’d like the government to take and redistribute on their behalf. Then again the vast majority never got a taste for contributing anything while growing up so we can’t fault them for not grasping a foreign concept.

You know you may shake your head and laugh at this letter but I do really think the big problems in our world have very simple small beginnings.

Andrew Luten

Pigeon Lake

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