Reader knows math better than Notley

Government doesn't know wage hike will net nothing for workers

Dear editor,

Re: Minimum wage hike in Alberta article (July 7)

Thanks for the article, but I’m wondering if people are missing the point of the wage increase to $15.

The basic tax exemption in Alberta at present is $ 18,451.00. At $10.50 hr. and an average of (40/ week x 52 weeks) 2,080 hrs. per year = $21,840.00.

This means a person at this wage rate is only taxed 10 per cent on $ 3,389.00 ($338.90). At $15 hr. they are at $ 31,200.00 per year and now taxed on $ 12,749.00 ($ 1,275.00 in tax)

Almost four times more! It’s all about the tax with the NDP!

And again, the business owner hands it out “indirectly” to the government.

Brian Beckett, Leduc