Reader takes issue with MLA letter

Reader takes issue with MLA letter

Botched pipelines, questionable hiring’s bother reader

Dear editor,

Re: MLA Bruce Hinkley’s May 31 letter.

Fact: when I was in the legislature gallery Bruce Hinkley and Shaye Anderson didn’t even display proper decorum. They were leaning back on their chairs, feet up on their desks and continually laughing when Opposition MLAs were raising rural Albertans’ concerns. Even Notley laughed and rolled her eyes at rural Albertan’s concerns.

As a lifetime Albertan having worked in and around Nisku since 1977, I know what reality is, unlike Hinkley’s fantasies. Companies used to sell off smaller or older equipment to upgrade for newer and bigger equipment, unlike the current situation not seen since Pierre Trudeau’s NEP. Perhaps Hinkley should stop at Nisku’s Blackjacks restaurant and introduce himself as the NDP MLA for Wetaskiwin-Camrose to owner Clarence Shields. Maybe Clarence will inform Hinkley of how great ND policies have been for him and hundreds of other business owners.

I want a government that cares about our healthcare, not a government that’s enabling drug addicts by spending millions of taxpayer dollars for nalaxone to revive drug addicts who want a high. Or set up “safe injection sites” where junkies can shoot up after going to small towns and rural areas to commit crime so they can buy their drugs to get high. Then there are the people who have been waiting forever to get surgery only to have it cancelled because the surgery room is being used to operate on some drug dealer who’s been shot or stabbed and also refuses to cooperate with police. I also want reliable and affordable electricity but Notley went and hired people who destroyed Ontario’s electrical system and are now destroying ours. Remember Tzeporah Berman from BC who was hired by Notley to be co-chair on Notley’s oilsands advisory group. Berman is now involved in the fight against the pipeline expansion and bragging the fight will be better organized and has over 25,000 protesters signed up to stand in the way of the pipeline. Another great NDP hire and betrayal!

Instead of the federal government enforcing existing laws, taxpayers get to pay for what should have been a privately run business pipeline. If I tried to stop a pipeline from crossing my land, it would be expropriated, and if I still tried to stop it, I’d be thrown in jail. Yet Quebec and BC can stop pipelines but still take transfer payments that are paid for by Alberta and Saskatchewan. If the Trans Mountain pipeline is actually going to be built, prove it by starting from the Pacific loading dock and work eastward to Alberta.

Fact: Notley and Trudeau both turned down large water bomber offers from the U.S., Russia and others. As a result, a large part of Ft. Mac burned down. We all pay higher insurance premiums now, thanks to the NDP and Liberals.

Real economists have written and talked about how using taxpayer money to fund jobs does not count as real jobs or growth. You need private business and tax incentives to drive real job and economic growth. It appears the Liberals and NDP can’t grasp the concept; they believe high taxation (on non-trust fund people) is the key to prosperity. Reality is that if businesses are profitable it spurs real non-taxpayer funded job and economic growth that benefits everyone.

It seems strange that a number of government unions that always lead poverty even though they have good paying lifetime employment and benefits suddenly have millions of dollars for constant television ads with electioneering bias. Is that due to Notley’s husband Lou Arab with the AUPE?

Rural Albertans do to expect “immediate RCMP response” but they are sick and tired of Liberal and NDP coddling criminals. We have to work and pay for our property but are just supposed to let criminals steal and do whatever they want. Why is it that if anyone who defends themselves or their property are charged and in court before the real criminal who caused the issues?

Ron Wurban, Calmar

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