Remembering the moments along the way

Remembering the moments along the way

For everything there is a season

For everything there is a season and May and June seems to be the season for everything.

It’s such a magical time of year, but its life span is so short, kind of like the Alberta wild rose.

No doubt, it will be gone before we know it.

Being busy is good, but it takes so much time, it’s easy to forget about living in the moment, enjoying the little things and simply being grateful.

It’s much easier not to. It’s much easier to complain that there is just too much to do.

But now is the time to enjoy the season, the beautiful season of spring.

How ever does one fit it all in?

There are ball games to watch. There are gardens to plant and grass to mow.

There’s boating and golfing and biking. There are back yard barbecues and music and birds singing.

And there’s dandelions that have exploded in a mass of yellow power everywhere.


There’s a lot going on.

And even as spring shows off it’s pretty face and the grass grows luxurious and green and the blossoms transforms trees into dazzling works of art, it’s easy to blink and miss it all.

That could be me.

Here I am driving to work thinking of deadlines and emails and posting stuff on the web and I almost fail to notice the magnificant green and blue masterpiece outside my windshield.

It seems that there are two worlds out there; one in which work, responsibility and then more of the same can completely obliterate the simple little things that truly make life really quite awesome.

During winter people were grouchy with good reason.

“Winter is not a nice day,” my grandson told me with all the seriousness of a three-year-old who knows about such things.

I agreed with him. It is not.

But winter is over now and it’s time to move on and be happy and notice the fact that the lettuce is up and there probably will be tons of cherries on that old cherry tree one more time.

And it is good.

But, even though the huge amount of snow we lived with for many months has melted into oblivion and the temperatures have risen to a respectable norm for this time of year, there are still many things to be unhappy about.

The price of gas is crazy.

Nobody should have to pay that much for gas and complaining about it could take up an entire afternoon, which to my way of thinking, would result in an entire afternoon wasted.

And then there is the price of ice cream.

With three little boys in tow, I visited an ice cream shop recently. The boys were like summer itself and even being with them made me happy.

The cost of three ice cream cones seemed ridiculous to me, but seriously, I would have bought them the whole store just to see them smile.

And as we proceeded along the sidewalk to our favourite spot on the beach someone said to me, “three boys, you are so lucky,” and I smiled and felt extremely lucky and only slightly broke.

And, suddenly for some reason, the rest of the important stuff in my world didn’t seem very important at all!

And living in the moment seemed ridiculously easy.

Treena Mielke is editor of The Rimbey Review and writes a regular column for Black Press.

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