Salvation Army kettle dates back to 1891

Salvation Army kettle dates back to 1891

The Sally Ann Chronicle

Hey! We are the new officers at The Salvation Army Wetaskiwin, Lts. Yves Bolduc and Vivian Mag-aso. We had this idea to have a monthly chronicle. Are you feeling the spirit of Christmas like we are? All the Christmas trees and lights all over the houses and stores… It is exciting, isn’t it? I bet you already met with our Kettles Volunteers in various locations. Yes, this is our annual fundraising for The Salvation Army. Were you aware that The Salvation Army has been doing this campaign for over 125 years!

In 1891, Captain Joseph McFee wanted to help vulnerable people in San Francisco, especially during the Christmas season, but he had no funds to do so. He remembered, during his earlier days as a sailor in Liverpool, England, seeing a large iron kettle where passengers of boats that docked tossed coins in to help the poor. Captain McFee suspended a similar pot from a tripod at the Oakland Ferry Landing and encouraged the public to “Keep the Pot Boiling.” He collected enough money to host a Christmas dinner for the poor. Since then The Salvation Army has continued its commitment to be there for those in need no matter what or why.

If you encounter one of our Kettle volunteers, please encourage them. Maybe you do not have much to give, but the spirit of Christmas is the joy of giving, so whatever you can give, (be it a Toonie, Loonie or quarter), you help yourself and maybe someone else will enjoy your cup of coffee! This Kettle campaign will help us sustain our programs throughout the year: like the Food Bank, Sally Ann Café, Feed my Lambs, Back-to-School program, Thrift Store vouchers, our Community meals at Christmas (Dec 15th); Easter (April 5th) and Thanksgiving, etc.

Please join us on December 15th at Drop-In Center for a lovely Church Service and community meal, it starts at 10:30 a.m. and it’s free! Major Margaret McLeod, our Divisional Commander, will be our guest speaker for this special service and meal.

“I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.” Luke 2:10 NIV Christmas is for you. It is good news of a great joy and it is for all people. No matter whom you are, what you’re facing, where you are, your age or culture, Jesus came for you. At Christmas, God gave His Son Jesus to our world. God loved us so much that He took the humble human nature to live among us. He wanted us to join His family; He brought joy into our dark world. He still can bring joy to you, just welcome Jesus in your heart this Christmas!

Remember we are still accepting registrations at Wetaskiwin Salvation Army, 5010 – 50 Avenue, for Secret Santa Christmas Hampers and Toys until December 10th. Have no place to celebrate Christmas? Please join us for a special Christmas movie “The Nativity” on December 25that 5:00 p.m., 5010 – 50 Avenue, Wetaskiwin; food, snacks, cake and toys for the kids!

Have a nice Holiday Season! God bless you!

Lieutenant Yves Bolduc is Corps Officer for the Wetaskiwin Corps of The Salvation Army and writes a regular column for The Pipestone Flyer.