Trudeau hypocrite on Iran plane crash

Trudeau hypocrite on Iran plane crash

Writer says P.M. not that concerned about China hostages

Dear editor,

So today is Jan. 12, 2020, I sure was surprised to see that our fearless leader Mr. Trudeau, eh, I mean Justin, as many of us noticed, Justin is trying to be a man by growing a beard!

Now our P.M. is stating that he’s mad and furious! The reason that he’s so upset is with Iran taking down an airliner with almost 200 people aboard, no survivors!

Many of the casualties are Canadian, of course so many of us Canadians are very upset as well, this should not have happened. Lives don’t seem to matter these days, so Mr. Trudeau, oops, I mean Justin, seems to be angry and somewhat miffed.

Now let’s see, if I recollect correctly, just where the heck was Mr. Groper’s anger and disdain 398 days ago when Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were taken hostage in China? Where was this anger when we found found out that China wouldn’t accept Canada’s canola or pork? These are just two examples where Justin’s lameness shows all too brightly.

Now I really don’t buy all this Trudeau talk about being angry for one good reason, he was a drama teacher not all that long ago.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Larry Hiebert, Wetaskiwin