Wetaskiwin writer asks: democracy or dictatorship in Canada?

Wetaskiwin writer asks: democracy or dictatorship in Canada?

Liberal Party forcing beliefs on others says letter writer

Dear editor,

In 2014 our dapper prime minister made it clear that future candidates in the Liberal Party needed to completely understand that they would be expected to vote pro-choice on any bills, and further, the prime minister stated, “For me, it is a debate that has been settled for the vast majority of Canadians, and we don’t need to re-open that issue.”

More recently, the Liberal government has decided to implement ideological screening on non-profit groups that request funding for their Canada Summer Jobs Program. Unless these non-profit groups hold fast to the Liberal view on matters such as abortion and sexual orientation, funding will be denied.

Mr. Prime Minister, you are denying our fundamental freedoms, under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, by discriminating against our religious freedoms.

Perhaps the next time you sniffle in your tissue you could find a tear for we, “the minority,” whose rights you have trampled on.

Please remember, Mr. Prime Minister that you have not spoken on my behalf or on behalf of many other Canadians. To discount we, whom you exclude as “the minority,” will be to your own political peril.

If there is any consolation, it will be that you and your accomplices will be defeated in the next federal election. In that, justice will be served to some degree. In the meantime, we will endeavor to hold you and your “liberal” party in check.

Dale Eklund, RR#2 Wetaskiwin